Renting has use of main dwelling : an obligatory notice for the conges for sale and for resumption

As from 1 January 2018, the lessor who notifies his lessee of a leave for sale or take-back must attach to his leave an information notice the content of which was determined by an order of 13 December 2017.

This obligation applies only to empty rented dwellings used as main dwellings.

Furnished dwellings or dwellings that do not constitute the tenant's principal residence are therefore not concerned.

The notice recalls the formalism that the leave must take to be valid.

It shall inform the lessee of the nature of his rights and of the remedies available to him.

The notice shall specify in particular the cases in which the recipient of the leave may contest it and the penalties incurred by the lessor whose leave has been deemed fraudulent.

The aim pursued by the legislator is obviously commendable since it tends to improve the information and protection of the tenant.

However, the professionals fear that given the length of the text of the notice, the document will not be read by tenants.